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I have a question, please help.

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I have a question, please help. Empty I have a question, please help.

Post by scarycreepah on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:57 pm

So, ive looked through this website and im pretty sure its no longer active But i need help with this. I am not a satanist or part of any religion... I have my personal beliefs. However I do believe in satan and i do believe theres a god. So, about a year ago, I never believed in anything really. Not in spirits, not in satan or god. But one night i went to a friends house and we got really baked and decided to do a satanic ritual my friend had learned. I never thought anything would happen but after this night I decided to do a lot of research on demons and religions and such. Ive been looking at rituals and I cant find the ritual we did, I dont know what its called or anything.I dont remember all of it but there was about 8 of us, we turned off all the lights and closed all the doors, We made a circle of salt around us and lit a candle. My friend cut his hand open and Put blood on a piece of paper and burned it. He said some chants and once he had completed the ritual or whatever, His girlfriend started breathing REALLY heavy and choking and looking around the room. She looked at the bathroom, the closet, and a random corner and she kept looking at those places. We checked, she had NO heartbeat at all. (Later we found out In the closet she was looking at, there is a door on the roof to the attic we never knew existed. Nobody looked in it though) Anyways she kept doing that for 30 minutes, and while that was happening Another friend of mine got "possessed" by a demon. We talked to the demon, He told us his name was i think "Greed" and we checked for a heartbeat on him too, it seemed like the demon didnt want us to touch him though. He had no heartbeat. After we said goodbye to the demon and asked him to leave, Our friend passed out. I looked, there was scratches around the outside of our salt circle like something was trying to get in. All while my best friends girlfriend was choking and shit. Then, another one of my friends got possessed. We talked to him and assured him we just wanted to talk (i dont remember the "demons" name) but he said he wanted death and tried to pick up the knife my best friend cut his hand with. We took it away and put it away so nobody could take it. I dont really remember how we got the demons to leave but I remember at the start of the ritual my best friend put blood from the cut on his face or something. Anyways his girlfriends choking and shit got pretty bad so he made the demon leave. We finished the ritual and broke the circle. Weird shit started happening in the house. Certain rooms were ice cold, things were moving, doors being opened and knocked on. My best friends girlfriend that was choking and shit? After the ritual, I think she got possessed again because she picked up a knife and came at me. I knew it wasnt really her because she had a weird look in her eyes and she actually looked like she was gonna kill someone. It took 4 pretty much fully grown men to hold her down (shes a small girl, about 5'2 or 5'3). After this nothing else really happened except doors being opened and rooms were ice cold and shit. Can anyone explain what happened here? (before this we also used a ouija board earlier in the day and it worked). I dont really know much about this stuff but im sure you guys do, I want to know what kind of ritual it was and where i can read more about this, And i want to know why Shit went crazy or if we made the demons mad or something. People almost got stabbed that night.


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