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A Quick Question about "Adepts"

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A Quick Question about "Adepts" Empty A Quick Question about "Adepts"

Post by ChaseCosmicwing on Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:00 am

I'm fairly knew to Satanism and to meditation the way Satanism teaches it. I used to "meditate" in other ways, where I would basically just sin with my legs crossed and mimic what I had seen before on TV, and especially in cartoons, though oddly, this was still back when I had many Xian "morals" and dogma thrown at me, it also continued steadily into the relatively short time I believed the same things as Xians(something I'm not proud to admit ever happened.) I soon saw the hypocrisy and dropped the "religion" in all but the tolerance it had instilled in me(yes, I actually learned some tolerance while an Xian, I was surprised as well that I'd taken even that away from it once I saw the truth of it all.) Thank goodness we have that much out of the way and we can leave Xianity alone here. Now that I have said this, I can bring up why "adepts" are in my title: I want to know if they exist in spiritual Satanism, and, if so, what are the defining qualities of an adept? Now, to be sure I'm asking what I mean to, I feel I should point out that, when I speak of an adept, I refer to someone who is skilled at using the chakras and their energies, but is also quick to advance in both control and ability. An example of what I mean would be someone who can meditate at a very basic level for the same time that another does so at a more advanced level, but the advanced one(in this example they will be the "average" Satanist in that they learn and practice at the "normal" rate), while making full use of what they do, make as much, or even less progress than the basic one. Hopefully, to make it less confusing, I mean an adept to be someone/something(your preference) of a "fast learner" in the use of energies and chakras. I ask this so that I may know if I should attribute any abilities that seem too advanced, or anything that seems a little too far along to be natural for me, to my being a quick learner, or adept, or to my old meditations somehow being ones hat honed my abilities before hand, and I am now simply "re-learning" or "re-awakening" currently, simply dormant abilities. To insure my motivation for this is clear, I say this because I am a rather fast learner in many respects and I have recently come to terms with how I need to prevent myself from squandering this gift. I ask this not as a way of trying to "pump myself up" but as a way of knowing if I have a gift and also of knowing what to expect of my training so I may know whether I should be skeptic of abilities or clarity that seems sudden, and so that I may better plan my meditation so that I do not stand on something that I think I have not made progress on when I have. In absolute short: Question: Do Adepts exist, and if so, what are the "qualifications" to be considered one? Motive: To know the most efficient way to train so that no time is wasted as I work to serve Father as the best I can be.


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