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What do you see? Empty What do you see?

Post by LuciferChristoph on Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:13 pm

What are your views of Satan and his demons? Just explain but don't push beliefs. And I say as in "physical" appearance.

[My Views (don't push onto them)]
[My views are Satan and/or his demons show up to you as you expect him or his demons to show up looking as the most, not necessarily because you enjoy that "show up because you expect him to look like." But so that you can identify. I also believe hell looks like how you would expect. (If any of you have been there I mean.) (objects in the way in my opinion would show up as something else if you had Luciferian view and someone with you had the "dark" other words you see white stone (Luciferian) they see black stone(dark))]

But pretty much the reason I make this topic is because I don't necessarily share the Luciferian appearance of Satan, Demons, and Hell that most of you seem to have (Not Calling Any Of You Luciferian At All And Extremely Sorry If I Offend Any Of You By Calling You That.) And I just needed to get that burden out of my head. Not that I intend to offend any fellow Satanists (We must all Unite!.) (<--Yes I noticed how that parenthesis comment sounded communist)

-Hail Satan!

(Moderators I was not sure whether to put this in questions or discussions, feel free to move it....And I noticed the title was kind of strange so feel free to change the title of this)

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What do you see? Empty Re: What do you see?

Post by Jordan on Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:53 pm

I think that the demons would look like regular people. If you look through history, most of the gods appeared to look as how the people looked or dressed in that time period and climate. male Norse gods would generally have lots of facial hair, broad features, clothed in animal skins and pale skin.

Egyptian gods would have little facial hair (except for that badass Egyptian gohtee), very little garments, and delicate features, often having golden or tan skin.

Many of the gods have many different names, hence different appearances over time. I guess this viewpoint is somewhat similar to yours, with the exception of how people of todays culture would look.


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