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Laws of the land Empty Laws of the land

Post by LossoCelo on Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:42 pm

Alright here's the rules, I'll be checking them once a week and updating them as needed. Break the rules, and depending on which rule you get 1 warning! After that your banned for a length of time depending on your offense.

1. Promoting Xian and all other religions is prohibited.
2. Keep complaining to a minimum, if you don't like what we're talking about simply leave that section of the forum, DON'T START FIGHTS because you don't like the conversation.
3. Don't complain about swears etc. being on this forum your agreeing that your fucking mature enough to handle swears. (In example. The rule itself.)
4. If a moderator asks you to stop doing something please stop. You only get 1 warning if you continue you can earn yourself a suspension.
5. Do not threaten other people on the forum, this is an automatic suspension if a moderator finds out.
6. If you wish to using multi-lettering please use no more then 2 letters to stand for 1. (E.G. I'm Haappppyy)
7. SMS talk is disallowed, English is the primary language here, but even people who speak English have trouble understanding Text-Talk.
8. If you speak a foreign language but have little to no understanding of english, please contact the administrator. You are still welcome here for use of the forum, I just ask that you let me or an administrator know so that we can help other people understand you, and you understand other people.
9. Ignorance will NOT be tolerated. Especially in front of the two site owners........ This is a law of Satanism, not only of this forum.
10. Do not insult other segs of satanism even if they are outside of your own, or if you have hatred for them. Symbolic, Spiritual, LaVeyan, Atheistic, all of them are still satanists, and thereby they share the same sub-beliefs as us.
11. Moderators must remain unbias, if you want to contest a ban brought by one of the forum moderators simply leave a reply in the visitors section of the forum and we will review you case on an administrative level.
12. Moderators who disobey the laws that have been set forth by them, or abuse their power are subject to ban and deletion. I also will not have an unreliable moderation team, the weak will be weaved out.
13. We are law abiding, any speak of any illegal activites will advocate an instant deletion of your post along with an instant ban.
14. In-fighting is NOT allowed. You are given 1 warning about this, don't test the patients of our moderation team, it grows slim in this category.

That's all for now,


Hail Satan and the gods of hell.
We made our attempt.


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