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Post by Lilyl on Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:17 am

Hi all!

I'm new on here and decided that it would be nice if I actually registered and decided to share some of my knowledge and experiences with you all. I'm also looking for intellectual debate and new friends possibly.

So a bit about me, I'm an avid writer and reader, I work and study for IT, psychology and English. I've always been interested in religious belief, intellectual argument, occultism, Satanism and the like.

I began my research at around 13 years of age, when a friend handed me a copy of Anton La Vey's Satanic bible and told me to read it well. It intrigued me mainly because it had an interesting cover which had the sigil of baphomet imprinted on it and was leather bound. Who wouldn't get intrigued by an object of such value?
In school then we had lectures about how harmful and damaging Satanism and the occult really is by qualified Exorcists. Sane people take down notes or memorize them to later research on them. Me and a group of friends did exactly that, and in less than a year I found myself grossly immersed and unable to let go from the world of Darkness.

Due to a lot of life damaging situations, wrong indoctrination, terrifying experiences and the like I've abandoned ship and it's like I've lost a huge chunk of myself that actually made me who I am.
I believed that was the path, I wanted it, I studied and dedicated research for it but apparently wrong indoctrination sunk deeply into my mind, confused me, gave me the guilt feeling and terrified the living hell out of me. Before you judge me though, I would like you to take into account that I did not leave Occult & Satanism because I actually wanted to, I did it because it was the right thing to do at the time, but since it's stronger than me...and because I've a strange pull towards Dark things and the unknown...I feel it's pull coming back to me, stronger than it was before.

So this is why I'm back, to discover what I've lost and if possible become stronger than I originally was free from indoctrination, free from prejudice and free from whatever may hinder my full insight into this road.

The name 'Lilyl' is dedicated to a very old friend of mine, to whom I had actually dedicated the name too. Yes it's deep. He was one of the best philosophers and Satanists I ever met so hence I'm taking up my name after that. It's also dedicated to the demoness Lilith which has interested me in more than one way.

With this I depart and hope to hear from you all soon enough
Hail Satan,


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