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Diabolism? Empty Diabolism?

Post by Klavier on Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:23 am

Firstly, let me introduce myself:

I'm what Arthur Edward Waite and Aleister Crowley call "Diabolist", for several years, and, as a result, I've read many Satanic texts and have performed many rituals, sometimes experiencing a shocking success, other times not experiencing anything at all. I've used several medications to help me with this, mostly alcohol. I suppose it works for me because of its effects on the brain's dopamine and its power of making you more emotional, and, as a result, making you capable to use your emotions more properly. But I never managed to find a real magical pattern for what I am doing, although I do know it is out there, somewhere.

Philosophical views:

Despite my inspiration drawn from Platonism, perhaps, especially because of my knowledge of the ancient Greek language, as well as from several Gnostic Christian texts, my actual Satanic philosophical view was mostly influenced by Deathspell Omega lyrics.

"Let them praise your Great and Terrible Name, for it is Holy."

The "First Prayer" by DeathSpell Omega gives me chills, no matter how many times I'll listen to it. It's a real Diabolistic Prayer.

Theological views:

I was grown up in a slightly heavy Christian environment, not oppressive at all however. At the beginning, I believed Judeo-Christianity is the spiritual enemy, but as I got older, I found out that the Bible contains way too much Theological knowledge for a Satanist.

I was taught the traditional Christian principles, that the God of the New Testament is literally the "slaughtered lamb" - "For that's how much God loved the world, that he sent his only Son to save it," while Satan is his Almighty Adversary of evil. This view, sometimes corresponds to the Christian and Judeo-Christian writings, while sometimes it doesn't.

After reading the Apocalyptic and Theological lyrics of DeathSpell Omega and I said, "This is the Theology I want to adhere to. Worship Satan the way Christians worship their God." I studied the Book of Revelation, and I am obsessed with it. I'm sure everybody has to admit that it is, at least literarily, a masterpiece. At the same time, I was really impressed by the Gospel of John as well, and came to admire the "Life of John the Theologian". Both as an inspiration and as a strong enemy of Satan to recognize.

"At the beginning, there was the Word. And the Word was TOWARDS God, and God was the Word."

Analyzing both the Gospel of John, and The Book of Revelation, I am almost convinced that they were written by a different author however, even though it is mentioned in the Life of John the Theologian that he was indeed exiled to Patmos. The Gospel of John was written after the Book of Revelation, yet contained no eschatology at all, and their literary character is extremely different.

In the Book of Revelation, I find both Satan and God, sometimes even exchanging places, and as a result Satan speaking as God. That may be just an assumption, if we forget that the Christ who speaks to John of Patmos, identifies Himself as "LUCIFER" (the "Morning Star"), even after Satan is "defeated" - Rev. 22:16

So, I came to the conclusion that demons and Satan Himself were deceiving the Jews, making Themselves appear as Gods, and, due to the strong Yahwehism of the Jews, they subsequently named every metaphysical entity they saw as "God", and Jesus came to change this illusion, but it would continue to exist in the Book of Revelation, because not every Jew who had visions of a God really understood Jesus' teachings, and, as a result, adhered to their strong monotheism which was causing them to be deceived. This can be confirmed by the fact that the Book of Revelation accuses the Jews who didn't accept Jesus as, "The synagogue of Satan". Jesus also accuses the Jews who don't accept him as "Children of the Devil", even in the Gospel of John.

For me, Satan is something far greater than a certain "Good" or "Evil" or both, as well as God is. He is also the "God of War" giving strength to His Servants (in the Book of Revelation, His name is always associated with war, even concluding with two showdowns, where Satan "Gathers them in war". This means "World War" because Satan causes several other wars as well throughout the Book).

Important explanation:

There was recently another crime committed in the Name of Satan, so I do feel that I should distinguish myself from such acts. It's true that Crowley did claim that sacrificing a child is the act producing the highest energy for the magician. Crowley himself can also be accused of several human sacrificies, and he did admire Jack the Ripper, believing he was an occultist as well. As a result, I may not condemn these kind of acts (since they do produce energy), but I'm not concerned of committing them, especially the way some stupid kids do without reason at all, and especially because I can find other ways of producing energy, like Sex Magick, slaughtering a chicken or whatever keeps you out of trouble. It's better that you'll produce less energy, than producing way too much and then getting caught. There is always a way of honouring His Almighty Majesty and being absolutely legal at the same time.

About Magick:

There is a dead-end for me here. As a magician, I do admire Aleister Crowley (and the works of John Dee and Edward Kelley), but don't agree with his amorality and his ways of using every single religion and every single deity, including Satan and entities that are clearly opposed to Him. I do believe that this was also the reason he died the way he died: He refused to choose a certain path, and the many entities that he opposed by using entities opposed to them as well, actually attacked him.

I believe Crowley would make a great Diabolist, if he could accept concepts of Christian religion, but he couldn't. His actual Will was to oppose Christianity as much as possible because of the extreme Christian environment he was grown up in, so he was refusing his right spiritual path.

"I command thee, O Spirit Rumoar, even by Lucifer, thy Mighty Sovereign." ("The Book of Ceremonial Magic and Pacts p. 93" - Arthur Edward Waite)

But I've never managed to find what I'm really after: Commanding infernal spirits in the Name of the Seven Headed Dragon of the Book of Revelation, the God I worship and praise. That's because most of the Satanic organizations are either both Demonolatric and Diabololatric, or not Diabololatric at all. The Satanic Rituals of LaVey are highly Demonolatric.

At the same time, I can't admire LaVey, both as a personality and as a magician, as much I admire Crowley who wasn't a Satanist. Firstly, because he wasn't the kind of person speaking fluently and showing strong self control and self confidence (even though he was on LSD, which is a stimulant) while the heroin (highly sedative, I always hated it) abuser Crowley, was. And secondly, because there can be traced no evidence at all that he was a successful magician. Plus, LaVey made many mistakes because of lack of knowledge, and these mistakes are repeated even by today's Theistic Satanists. For instance, the Book of Enoch states that Satan will be torturing the Watchers that abandoned their place (they weren't fallen, they cannot be identified with Satan and His Angels), and their leader Samyaza (and, as a result, Azazel as well) in His Kingdom of punishment, forever and ever. "For they were subdued by Satan..." (... without worshiping Him. So they should be treated as normal sinners, not allies of Satan) So, Azazel and the Nephelim shouldn't be worshiped by Satanists, but, instead, commanded in Satan's Almighty Name.

So, as a conclusion, I declare that I have found success in Magick only by changing several rituals, like the Invocation of the Bornless One, according to my believes. I haven't found a true Diabololatric magick pattern commanding spirits in the name of the Great Dragon of Fire (I do believe that it's a misconception of the original text the title "Great Red Dragon") with the Seven Heads and Seven Crowns (the number seven symbolizes perfection), Whom I worship and kneel before. I don't wish to worship Him as a friend or a symbol, I worship Him the exact same way the most fanatic Christians worship their God. For, He is a God as well, and you have to recognize you are inferior than an Almighty God Who can cause a world war just by His Holy Word (the Logos).

Message to the Forum Members:

I'm expecting an answer from any Theistic Satanist found around here. Satanists who can probably accept that you cannot invoke names purely taken from the Bible without believing in the Bible at all, and without even knowing their nature in there, if there are any. I hope this forum can handle posts like this, because I see way too many 14 year old children pleading for help while they haven't even developed a real philosophy for themselves, as if someone should take their hand and lead them to the Truth without any efforts spent at all.

Hail Satan!


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