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Dropping Those Pesky Xtian Ties

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Dropping Those Pesky Xtian Ties Empty Dropping Those Pesky Xtian Ties

Post by ittybittykittycommittee on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:48 am

I myself am slapstick happy in satanism as a traditional/spiritual satanist. But I live in a Bible Belt. To my left, six churches. To my right, about ten. Plus there's also a creepy Mormon guy who likes to preach and bible thump (while I'm taking my midday naps may I add >Sad rude) and my mom drags me to a Catholic Church. While inside, I recant that sayings and prayers in my head but not by choice. It's almost automatic. As soon as I hear them, the brainwash kicks in. The inner satanist is saying NO THATS BLASPHEMY and I consciously know this but the words, they still recite. Well I think my history with Xtianity will help some.

As a kid, satan bad, god good. Go to church. Thank god, hate satan. This was coming from an endlessly holy mom. My mom converted to Catholicism and it's heaven (badumtss) for me. She keeps tossing oils and holy water. I need help breaking free of the brainwash more. It'd really help me advance Very Happy thanks guys!


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