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Post by lucifersson on Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:44 am

My name is Pablo Grofeo and I'm the son of Satan. Revelations time is upon us and I wish to tell you the truth. The meaning of life is life. The four main functions of the human race are as follows. 1- To melt the polar ice caps and raise the water level. 2- Feeding metal into the planet Mercury. 3- To send electrical signals into space. 4- Radio and television signals. The universe is a molecular structure and the Earth is an H2O particle. The milky way galaxy is an electron. The radio and television signals have been writing the gene code along with the signals emanated by billions of other planets like the earth within our galaxy. The electrical signals create the life force which drive the entire structure. Pluto is a shrinking ball of ice. When that ball of ice disappears the water level will rise, the surface of the Earth will freeze, the sun will grow larger and evolution will leap forward on mars like clockwork. Jewsus Christ was a whole brain thinker. He tricked the general public into believing he was the son of god in order to rise to the level of a king from the level of a carpenter by skipping over the current method. Heaven and Hell are a gift or a punishment designed by your subconscious mind. Between your heart stopping and your brain dying you will experience a lucid dream which you are unable to wake from. The majority of you will be forced to suffer though what feels like an endless nightmare. Because the universe is a molecular structure, conversely your molecular structure is a universe. This means your subconscious mind has the ability to place you into a realm where billions of years go by to our second.

You've all believed that if you stop pollution that you will end global warming and save the planet. Water comes into being when you burn fossil fuel. The earth has gone from 100% land to 90% water. The land is falling apart and dropping into the earth's core. Fossil fuel saturates the land which is then devoured by the burning ball of gas. The core eats the land, it drinks the oil, it shits lava and it pisses water. Flatulence secretes from the mountains long before the volcano erupts. New water is constantly being created and the land is being eaten. Nothing you do will stop the world from ending. The reason you are unable to see other planets within this galaxy is that you were not destined to travel to one. They've been strategically placed behind planets like Neptune in order to blind you from a target. The patterns which lead you to where you are today were first instituted by religion. All religions have their purposes and positive and negative have to co exist as you already know. If anyone would like to ask about natural function of any given personality type, profession, religion, or sexuality feel free. I'll be back on tomorrow to answer any questions.

Rise son of Lucifer.
Eat their flesh and drink their blood as they took from the son of our father.
Praise our lord and damn this unholy land.
Their souls are tarnished and their fate is sealed.
Bleed them dry in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit amen.
Sacred is thy blood and the blood of thy father Lucifer.
Punish them for their sins for thy duty is to the lord.
Do not forgive them but deliver them to hell.
Kill without remorse for the lord and his son Jewsus Christ.
Jewsus, whose sacrifice was in vain and whose death was without reason.
Take their souls as your own and leave them to burn in the pit they dug beneath them.
They are godless and void of remorse.
They beg to be forgiven and yet they do not repent.
Rise Pablo Grofeo, son of the unholy lord Lucifer.
Torture these sinners in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Anyway I don't know if any of that is true but it can be fun. so seriously if you'd like to know the function of anything I like to play. Whole brain thinking can be fun but also dangerous.


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