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Help my friend and i

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Help my friend and i Empty Help my friend and i

Post by Demonchick on Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:09 am

Ok,my friend Dior and I were sitting in her room like maybe 20 mins ago and heard this strange flute noise. My reaction was "what the fridge was that" but I didn't say out loud. We looked at eachother. A few mins later I heard it but Dior didn't. Then we hear it again and it was both of us. We freaked out. We are kinda scared still. A few mins ago we ran down stairs to get her charger for her phone and I looked and it appeared to be something moving on the lake. I freaked out and told dior. We r now sitting in her bed to afraid to look in reflective surfaces. Any clue on what we heard and have seen!?!?


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